We offer top-class products, such as bearings, white metal ingots, master alloys, low-melting-point alloys, etc.


Tin Flash and Overlay (Pb-Sn) available.
Overlay is effective for conformity of the metal surface and for preventing loss of oil film layer; while also excelling in abrasion resisting.

  • Before overlay construction
    After overlay construction
  • Ion-Exchange Equipment
    Degrease Process
  • After-Plating
※We purify high lead compornent water caused by using Ion-Exchange equipment and then recycle it to below the regulation value specified by Water Pollution Prevention Law.
Environmental Efforts
Our company, for whom the use of harmful substances such as lead is essential, have recognised the importance of its control and maintenance from early on and have taken environmental problem.
Since we obtained the ISO 14001:1996 Certification from Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI) in February 2003, we have been working for the prevention of pollution under our environment poling.
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